There are three ways of doing it around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way Rothstein does it. The Cambridge, Massachusetts emcee is equally calculated as he is cathartic, his music a gripping blend of incisive storytelling and haunting trap production that resonates everywhere from the bando to the Ivory Tower. Aiming to tear down the divisive cultural barriers separating the two, Rothstein imbues his live set with a decidedly punk energy that has the capacity to galvanize audiences of any background into a collective mosh. Though inspired by a diverse array of musical and literary contemporaries and forebears, ranging from Cousin Stizz to John Darnielle and Stephen Sondheim, he is an artist who wholly buys into his own mythology. That mythology surges through on his first single, “Flooded,” its shrill, barked dubs and Shepard’s frantic production lending an air of organized chaos to Rothstein’s stoic baritone. The title itself refers to the deluge of new music Rothstein has prepared leading up to the October release of his Dojo Records debut EP, BART (as well as his propensity for shining extra bright). Get on board before the flood gates open.