Born in Washington D.C and now living in Brooklyn where he’s been a part of the Cypher League movement for a full year, Nicholas Hunt has been going hard with music for years now. He began under the moniker EQ, but has since switched to his government name because he felt like it would better represent the music he creates. Nic considers his inspirations to be New York City, the weather, and people, the cinematic moments of life he captures in his attempt to create cathartic music.

Though his background is in hip hop, Nic is the most versatile out of all the Cypher League artists with his smooth vocals, effecting something of a R&B feel in his music. That isn’t to say he can’t rap, he’s versatile because he has both pipes and bars. His presence is like that of two others rather than one.

Nic’s latest release was The Only Constant is Change EP in Fall 2014. He’s also Cypher League’s lead audio engineer. From his space in Bed-Stuy, he runs the boards where much of Cypher League’s music is recorded and engineered.