Brooklyn raised hip-hop artist I.O.D is an emcee whose music weaves off-kilter, intelligent humor with melodic cadences and vivid lyricism to create raw social commentaries concerning both Brownsville, one of America’s vicious slums that he calls home, and the world at large.

His breakout track, “Ebola”, is a repudiation of American mass-media’s fear-mongering tendencies, dropping the video at the height of the paranoia surrounding the disease. In many ways, I.O.D embodies what has for so long been neglected in New York City hip-hop: a hard-working artist who constantly strives to develop his craft and has no fear of experimentation. His first video, “War”, was wholly DIY-edited and directed by I.O.D himself. Since then, he has collaborated with Barcelona-based filmmaker Yago Hunt-Laudi on the highly-conceptual video for “ArmMe”, which RESPECT Mag described as, “further cement[ing] him as one of NYC’s most prominent MC’s, close to the level of mass appeal.”

It’s about so much more than fame for I.O.D, though—it’s about uplifting the people of Brownsville and elsewhere through his music, political awareness, and work with children. For over three years, I.O.D has worked with organizations like Medgar Evers Cornerstone on the social and educational development of children in his immediate community. Now riding off the wave of the infectious single “‘Round Here”, I.O.D is preparing to release his TheTheThe Brownsvillain EP in Fall Summer 2016. No longer can he be kept down—I.O.D is on deck to reconfigure the way the world views hip-hop, art and culture, all while representing New York to the fullest.



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