Watch the Cypher League Produced Video for Fabz Above’s “Watching Me” featuring Connor Donovan

esterday, our friends over at Team Backpack were kind enough to premiere Fabz Above’s “Watching Me” featuring Connor Donovan. Released on Cypher League’s YouTube, “Watching Me” is the debut of directorial duo Sebi Harrigan-Labarca and Henry McGowan. Under their lens, the promethazine dread of the original track is drawn out by employing a combination of self-reflexive projection mapping and rapid-cut editing. The result is a hallucinatory delight that uses video to explore optics, identity, and memory.

Director Sebi Harrigan-Labarca had this to say about the vision for the project:

“We set up different shots using a very dark space with different artificial lighting set ups and used projectors to create feedback loops and digital distortion that blur the line between virtual or imagination as opposed to reality. These atmospheres were created to parallel the internal or inner mindset that Connor and Fabz rap about, in a way these spaces symbolize the mental space that someone enters when they are paranoid.”

Watch Fabz Above’s “Watching Me” featuring Connor Donovan below, then make sure to check out Donovan’s latest project, Soap.Wav.

Alex Oka