Tidus Explores Why We’re Here on Earth


Tidus, the notoriously reclusive Brooklyn rapper, known for long periods of radio silence interspersed with moments of progressive genius, is back with a  new EP, Why We’re Here on Earth, that speaks to humanity’s untapped potential. Tidus is a rapper that keeps to himself, a rarity in today’s social media obsessed music fan base. It can be difficult to find any trace of him between projects. Considering the amount of time that can pass between a Tidus release, it is a pleasant surprise to see a new EP just months after the release of the energetically melancholic Soon You’ll Understand.  In the past, his fascination with aliens, higher powers, and trance-like states has led to music that encapsulates the artist’s’ altered state of mind, and a return to this would have been welcome, but while Tidus has returned to us with a project that speaks to these influences, we can also see him moving his sound forward.

Straight out the gate, Why We’re Here on Earth sounds different than previous Tidus drops. Unlike other projects from the rapper, this EP leans more towards the acoustic side of things, opening with a bass line on “Powers” that evokes punk rock aesthetic before oozing into Tidus’ signature tenor. Throughout the EP, the rapper and producer plays with stepping outside of rap convention, infusing “Powers” with personality through the use of floor toms instead of flat drum machines,” evoking militant attention on “It’s Yours” with marching band snares, and calling up deep genetic memory through his use of hand claps on “Get It Right.”

Tidus is known for his passion for the transcendental and his belief in the extraterrestrial and this is channeled through his lyrics in a way that leaves the listener unsure if he is talking to us or to someone higher. One instance of this mystic futurism is a  30 second video for “Powers” on his Facebook that pans up over a pyramid into a golden sky with Tidus imploring “Can’t you show us all your power” in a way that leaves us questioning who the “you” in the song is. The effect is one of new age aesthetics, a dark, sometimes gloomy tone elevated by Tidus’ ascendant lyrics.

Why We’re Here on Earth, like much of Tidus’ work, is a study in self-improvement. On “It’s Yours” he raps “Feeling life, yeah/I pull myself up in the light, yeah/I pull myself up out the dark, yeah/ I promise that I’ll do my part, yeah” and the listener is reminded of their own responsibility to be their best self. Tidus speaks often to his appreciation for the mantric, the transcendental, the straight up trippy. With lyrics and hooks that are simple, easy to memorize, and repetitive, Tidus draws us into his meditative mind state on the new EP.

Why We’re Here on Earth transports us to outer space, a realm where aliens, our ancient ancestors according to Tidus, reside, while grounding us here on Earth and reminding us of our human obligation to better each other and ourselves.

Amaury Lateef Avalos