The Unfiltered Brooklyn: Radamiz Releases Stunning Video for “Sumner”

Last month, Radamiz released “Sumner.” The track, produced by Dre Dollasz, is a hard-hitting articulation of life in the Brooklyn projects of the same name, where the rapper grew up.

“Sumner” is the third single for Radamiz’s forthcoming Writeous, and today, he dropped its video via USA Today. Directors FifthGod and Slick Barrett helm the visuals, using sweeping, jaw-dropping drone shots typical of the former’s work to capture a side of Radamiz he has yet to fully open up about.

“Sumner” relates to me physically and spiritually. The song/video speaks on my insecurities growing up and not fitting the mold of others in my hood but also my reality and love for the mentality it has helped inspire.

Nonetheless, the “Sumner” video–like “New York Don’t Love Me” before it–depicts the hard truths of life in this City. The son of Dominican immigrants, Radamiz graduated NYU last year and works full-time at Opening Ceremony in order to fund his career in hip-hop. Radamiz’s story is about overcoming challenges, and–as it turns out–”Sumner” is no different.

“Shooting the video for “Sumner” was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done to date,” he said to me in response to my question about the video’s relation to his vision. “It’s about coming home, knowing home. It helps me understand who I am on wax, where even I’m shocked at how much of me and my personal ideas are reflected. It’s about love.”

Watch “Sumner” below.

Alex Oka