Rothstein and Supa Bwe Find Freedom Within A Dystopia In “Jaded” Video


Grit and graciousness defines “Jaded,” the most recent sonic offering of Dojo Records ace Rothstein. On Jaded, Roth teams up with Chicago rapper Supa Bwe on a mesmerizing visual. The James Mao-directed video captivates the viewer with a hypnotic, Orwellian nightmare of finesse as the two assume the role of android hive-mind rap units, delivering razor sharp flows with robotic precision. 

The difference in styles between Supa and Roth fits with Tetris perfection. While stylistically divergent, the emotional honesty in their lyrics combines with a tangible sense of humility which makes “Jaded” a mark of obvious evolution–that still manages to be quintessential Rothstein.