Soon Comes the Crown, Listen to Radamiz’s “Maintaining” featuring King Critical


We’ve been waiting years for Writeous to drop, but Brooklyn rapper Radamiz just hit us with “Maintaining,” a tantalizing taste of what the young artist has to come. The song showcases two of Mogul Club’s very own, King Critical–the lyricist who the streets are calling Biggie’s reincarnate with a twist–and Radamiz–the NYU graduate from Sumner projects with the appeal to make the thugs get along with the hipsters. Besides those two powerhouse artists with something to prove, what does this track have that others don’t? Replay value–a rarity in modern music. “Maintaining” has a timeless feel to it. There are a ton of “good” songs out there. But there aren’t many that can remain good. The song is a product of two emcees who don’t stop short at merely showcasing lyrical prowess, but instead can transcend that realm and make good music for music’s sake. Those types of rappers are a special breed. Radamiz and King Critical are among that few.

Check out “Maintaining” below