Listen to QNA's latest track "Retrograde"


Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that the rock called Mercury has been throwing earth's energy off at different junctures for a couple years now. It's been affecting people's moods, which in turn can drive a wedge in relationships.

That said, the retrograde is no excuse to not try to change your circumstance. Just ask QNA, who's latest “Retrograde” track is a chronicle of their pitfalls as a group amidst the cosmic confusion.

"The song came at a time when the band, and all the people around me, were going through some shit. People were breaking up, projects were failing, everything felt like it was going wrong. I felt like something bigger than us was pulling everything apart,” Saxophonist Benjamin Chin recalls over e-mail.

Undeterred, Chin also affirms that, “ I wasn't gonna sit around and wait,” so he and the group tried to “fight” the bad energy and continue recording – hence “Retrograde,” a surging, reflective record in which MC's and Bush Tea vocalize the group's individual – and collective struggle.

Their strength has paid off, as the six-minute composition has sparked a renewed energy in the band and even won them a look as one of Spotify's Fresh Finds. Their continued success is a strong example of the universe's rewards for resilience.

Andre Gee