Princess Nokia Enters Nostalgia Mode on 1992


Destiny Frasqueri, aka Princess Nokia, recently dropped her 1992 EP. It’s a well packaged rap album that pays homage to the city that never sleeps and 90’s hip-hop culture in thrilling doses.

On the woman-empowering “Tomboy,“ her first single off 1992, Nokia finds solace in “her little titties and fat belly.” This line exhibits how confident the famously womanist Princess Nokia is in her own skin. She’s always challenged oppressive social constructs, and “Tomboy” will be a strong source of encouragement for those dealing with body image issues.

Head bangers like “Kitana” and “Excellent” prove that Princess Nokia is about her business and not to be messed with. On the track “Mine,” she reps for women of color by giving credit to the versatility in how they present their hair, while subtly exposing how women of color are fetishized. It’s her way of showing love to the black, brown, and yellow girls.

On the track “Brujas,” Nokia flexes her lyricism and intellectual depth by giving listeners a history lesson on her ethnicity while simultaneously creating an anthem for women of the African Diaspora.

1992 is a sharp work of art that pieces together old and new school hip hop. It also plays like a time machine, reminding listeners of the New York City hip-hop culture that many argue has long disappeared. You can take a look at a VR video she did for the album, and take a listen to it below.

Asha Atkins