Listen To Nicholas Hunt Ruminate On "I'll Do Whatever"

Nicholas Hunt’s latest single “I’ll do Whatever” is undoubtedly a love song.  After the track starts with a sample from Teedra Moses 2004 R&B hit “Be Your Girl,” he wastes little time telling us that “it’s all about love.” He stays open when he says, “that always means forever/forever means eternity,” and asks, “who would ever wanna turn down love in a world like this/where they flip the coin and they pull the trigger.”

Hunt considers the possibility of leading a life of passion, crooning, “I wanna travel the world/travel the world with my girl/see all that places I ain’t seen.” The song is a deliberate claim that in order to live the life he envisions for himself, it requires for him to do whatever is necessary. While there are moments where the autotune drowns out the ethereal purity of Hunt’s voice, “I’ll Do Whatever” still succeeds at being a perfect track for ruminating over the feeling of wanting more out of life.    

You can listen below: