Mick Jenkins Rolls Up To Spread Love on (T)he (H)ealing (C)omponent


While most artists today are riding waves brought by banging beats, sacrificing their potential impact for vapidity, Mick Jenkins has separated himself from the pack by expressing a spiritually nourishing message. His debut album (T)he (H)ealing (C)omponent flows over your being like the very water that Jenkins has ingrained into his artistic aesthetic. The project’s dark, layered production compliments Jenkins’ lyrical content by giving his words of wisdom their deserved space and spotlight.

On “Spread Love,” Jenkins tells his listeners that “love is easier than what they show.” On “Prosperity,” Mick tells those same people that a “lot of people like to dance around a point, I couldn’t even bust a waltz around it,” and he couldn’t be more right. His blunt honesty throughout the album helps to build bridges with its listeners.

After one listen it was easy to place The Healing Component in the same league as Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly. The 15-song storybook may not bang as hard as past offerings, but it certainly has the potential to expand one’s horizons. Here’s a challenge: change your T.H.C. listening session from a casual experience into a moment of meditation. Experience the art. Experience the love.

Thank you, Mick Jenkins, for being unafraid to spread love through your music. Thank you for making art that necessitates contemplation and positive reaction from its consumer. Thank you for creating a project that wondrously analyzes the the complexity of the human condition.

Louis Pratt