Joey Bada$$ Tames The Beast Coast with “Devastated” Video


Joey Bada$$ recently staged an impromptu tour of New York to promote the release of the music video for his “Devastated” single. In one of his most uplifting music videos yet, Joey cavorts through the Big Apple, embracing the Hip-Hop community he’s helped build over the last 5 years.

Both the song and video are pleasant escapes from the unstable happenings of the present time. The positive, reflective nature of the song is augmented with the video’s depiction of togetherness and unwavering support. It’s a powerful moment if viewed through hopeful eyes.

Cypher League’s own Will Gaines saw the scene from the front lines, riding on the bus as it roamed the city, showcasing the “Devastated” video via a huge screen. He says the the “Devastated Bus” had the streets of New York bumpin’, engendering an “unreal” energy at every stop. Will mentioned that his original hope was to converse with Joey Bada$$ himself, but the atmosphere of the bus compelled him to simply enjoy the moment.

Will remembered the anticipation from the crowd and the immense eruption of joy created by the free concert Joey put on at every stop. The crowds engagement via the mic as well as on social media signaled another successful campaign in NYC. Fans took to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to chronicle the journey and record a truly unique experience.

In an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Joey expressed his intent to write an uplifting song, one that differed from his meditative and rap-heavy catalog. “Devastated” didn’t just allow Joey to explore his musicality, but also to engage the city and his fans in a way that his older songs couldn’t offer.

Joey and his Pro Era crew have been breathing new life into the New York hip hop scene since their inception, and the “Devastated Bus” party was just the latest puff of air. Hopefully the “Devastated” release will inspire other New York rappers to not only dream big, but to come together to achieve greatness.

You can check out the “Devastated” music video below.

Louis Pratt