I.O.D Drops 'Born Yesterday REP' And First Single "HBB Assassin"


Life advances, seasons change (sort of), but no matter what happens you get the feeling that Brownsvillain I.O.D is gonna be spittin’ somewhere. The 24-year-old rhymer is steadily making a name for himself in the Brooklyn hip-hop scene and beyond with skillful lyricism, clever wordplay and deft social commentary over ambitious production, such as the soundscapes of his Brownsvillain EP.

The project showed he’s capable of rockin' a trap beat but also appeases traditionalists with a palpable zeal and burgeoning mastery of the craft of MCing. Make no mistake, he’s a rapper’s rapper. That said, I.O.D sees the future. That’s why the Dojo Records repper’s next project, Born Yesterday won’t be an album or EP. He’s planting the flag on his own musical classification: the REP, or “really emotional playlist.”

He has said over e-mail that The Born Yesterday REP will be updated at his own discretion “whenever” he feels like it on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. He recently dropped a “4:44” freestyle over “The Story of OJ” as a warmup, but today marks the release of “HBB Assasin,” the first single from the project. 

The song is produced by frequent collaborator Yung Neil, who offers an energetic, mysterious soundbed for I.O.D to go in on youth homeless, phonies and his “patience over validation” mindset. The song is a perfect example of the I.O.D experience at full tilt, from his ability to keep up with the shifting production with rapid-fire verses to the lyrical gems dropped within them. It’s a strong harbinger for the Born Yesterday REP that has us waiting for track two —whenever he feels like ready to hit us with it.

You can stream “HBB Assassin’ below, and stream on Spotify here

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