I.O.D, Connor Donovan, and Nicholas Hunt Reflect On Bad Romances On "Played Myself"


With songs like “Ebola,” “Round Here,” and “War,” Brownsville rapper I.O.D has proven himself adept at analyzing the world around him. With his latest track “Played Myself” however, he's looking inward. Over a cavernous, moody soundscape, I.O.D and Cambridge, MA rapper Connor Donovan examine their infidelities – though they're not of the romantic variety.

The two Dojo Records MCs take turns artfully personifying their misuse with drugs as an affair, bringing a whole new meaning to the term new flame. “Tryna find me, I got dumbfounded, “I.O.D rhymes over a thunderous kick, lamenting that his journey of self-discovery has been sidetracked by the deceptive mistress of intoxication. After a silky smooth bridge by DMV artist Nicholas Hunt, Connor Donovan follows up with a verse that exhibits his masterful mix of lyricism and melody.

The full-length music video further reinforces the vibes. The radiant visual showcases the two artists drowned in hues of purple, pink and green that immediately makes Valentine Day come to mind – except chocolate isn't their stimulant of choice.

“Played Myself” is a well-crafted, introspective track which follows up their well-received “Way Before” collaboration and is a strong start to 2018 for all artists involved.