Brooklyn x South Korea: Talib Kweli and BewhY Team Up for “International Wave”


This summer, Cypher League had the unique opportunity to help put together an international collaboration between hip-hop legend Talib Kweli, and BewhY, an upcoming hip hop artist who’s currently tearing down borders in South Korea. The song was masterfully engineered and produced by Keeproots, a legendary Korean producer and overall OG figure of Korea hip hop.

“International Wave” was inspired by a vision of connecting people from different parts of the world through music and hip hop. The Dojo Records squad teamed up with Luminant Entertainment, their music distributor in South Korea, who traveled to and from Brooklyn and Korea to ensure a successful production. The song was released in Korea earlier this week and enjoyed the #1 spot on multiple Korean music charts.

Check out our brief interview with Talib Kweli on this project, shot and edited by our friends at Nyteraid:

“Music is life and music is love and all that’s in between.” When I was writing this song I was thinking about how people of different cultures people who don’t even speak the same language or don’t even have the same customs can come together over music. The idea that no matter where you’re from, hip hop music in particular can create a common language. – Talib Kweli

“International Wave” is available for stream and purchase on iTunes / Spotify / Google Play

Tetsu Hiro