Insecure’s Soundtrack is the Sound for the Season


This fall, HBO began airing Insecure, a new series created by and starring Issa Rae of the award-winning web series Awkward Black Girl. The show follows two best friends Issa and Molly on their painstaking, funny journey to finding their #BlackGirlMagic. While the characters and storyline have been hailed as funny, original, and addicting to viewers and critic, alike the music has also played huge part in the success of the show.

Insecure’s soundtrack artistically expresses the varying emotions of the different characters as they traverse the landscape of adulthood in Los Angeles. The music covers everything from romantic relationships to finding your place at work and chilling with the homies.

The Insecure soundtrack is laced with girl anthems like Colombian import,Kali Uchi’s, “Ridin Round”, Jungle Pussy’s “Bling Bling,” and the classic “I’m Bossy” by Kelis.” The music effortlessly narrates the struggles of  of love and sex with songs like  ERIMAJ’s “Conflict of a Man”, The Internets “Girl”, Just Sayin/I tried”, and “Holographic Lover” by St. Beauty. Let’s not forget the fun tracks that serve as funky club bangers  from artists like TT the Artist and Audra the Rapper. With Raphael Saadiq as the show’s music producer and Solange Knowles serving as the music consultant, it’s  no surprise that the 52-track album is filled with songs by eclectic artists who are singers, rappers, and songwriters all wrapped up in one.

Check out the Insecure on HBO on demand and get into the soundtrack on Spotify.

Asha Atkins