Gone But Never Forgotten: Loaf Muzik Tributes J Dilla with ‘The Munchies’ Mixtape

On this day in 1974, J Dilla a.k.a. Jay Dee was born in Detroit, Michigan. Dilla’s legacy, though blood disease tragically cut his life short at 32, has remained a significant influence on the hip hop community since his death in 2006. Tributes to the late, great producer are commonplace, and the deluge of music inspired by Dilla makes it difficult to sift through what’s worth listening to and what’s not.

Luckily, New York hip hop collective Loaf Muzik makes that easy with their Dilla homage mixtape, The Munchies. Already known for their brash rhythms and sinister intensity, it makes sense that Loaf Muzik would record a tape consisting entirely of J Dilla beats. Loaf’s four MCs–Shadow the Great, Oso Dope, Shine Sinatra, and Kidaf–lay soulful bars over 14 minutes of Jay Dee production. Initially Loaf made their name from raucous live sets that have an undeniably punk flair about them, but in the last 4 months since the release of their debut project, Live from the Underground, the hip hop collective has proved they are just as capable in the studio as on the stage.

Listen to The Munchies below.

In case you missed it, catch the recap video for the Cypher Magazine party @ RAKit Club on December 5th, that had Loaf Muzik headlining the night:

Alex Oka