Gone But Never Forgotten: A Tribute to Nujabes

n this day in 1974, Seba Jun aka Nujabes was born in Tokyo, Japan. He passed in an unfortunate traffic accident in 2010, when he was just 36 years old, but his legacy as a monumental hip-hop producer and DJ lives on to this day.

Nujabes’ music can be described with a certain quote from Fosco Maraini:

“They contain beauty, of course, but first of all you must desire it and seek it out, and then, perhaps, in the end it may be granted you to find it. Then, if you find it, it will offer you subtleties unimagined elsewhere. The living, century-old expression of many ideas which we imagine we have only just discovered, which we think still belongs to the future.”

1. Waiting for the Clouds (ft. Substantial)

2. Prayer

3. Sign (ft. Phase Rock)

4. Reflection Eternal

5. Battlecry

Imaginary Folklore

Alex Oka