It’s All About H.E.R. on Gogo’s Debut Project

What did you do on your birthday? If it wasn’t releasing a project that sets the table for the next stage of your life, you may wanna get like Gogo, the multi-talented rapper/singer/producer from Cambridge, Massachusetts who just released H.E.R., an electrifying debut project.

The 8-track album is an impressive display of musicality gained in part from his grandfather, who used to play with Miles Davis, and his own 12 years as a classically trained trumpet player.

His musical background translated well over to the Trap arena, as H.E.R. is full of his own dense, adventurous compositions that unabashedly exhibit the musical possibilities of a sometimes-maligned sonic aesthetic.

Given the title — which stands for “How Earth Revolves,” one may already be able to infer that women are a major focus of the project.

But what speaks the most for Gogo’s potential is that even with the bold title, the project doesn’t position him as an effortless lothario or relentless womanizer.

Gogo explores his relationships with women from a 3D relatable standpoint on songs like “Art of Watching,” which is a chronicle of being attracted to two women at once.

The vulnerability Gogo showcases on songs like “Cocaina,” along with catchy melodies and smooth vocals typified by “Dirty Diana” represent an intriguing marriage of an 80’s pop vibe with modernday trap. The debut project is a strong exploration of Gogo’s “vices and virtues,” as he calls it.

You can listen to H.E.R. below.