Get Freaky With JIL and Salomon Faye

ou may not have heard of JIL, the Brooklyn-based electronic/R&B trio that have sought to conceal their individual identities as if they were members of Anonymous. Their widely resonant sound, however, which blends soulful crooning with Flume-like synths, isn’t nearly as low-profile as their personas – their debut single “Emotional Heat” has stacked up nearly 40,000 streams in the three months since its release.

That cachet is only bound to expand now that they’ve been blessed with a feature from former Cypher League artist-in-residence Salomon Faye of THEiLLUZiON on their newest cut, “Freak It.” Salomon’s commanding voice and introspective lyrics add even more dimensionality to an already multi-dimensional group, working to an incredibly soulful effect seldom achieved over such thumping production.

Scope “Freak It,” the second single off JIL’s forthcoming debut LP (due out in April), below, and be on the lookout for more from the seductively elusive trio.

Alex Oka