Dupont Underground Set To Open Its First Exhibit Next Month

The DuPont Underground project has come a long way since we caught up with them last year. When we spoke with exhibit founder Julian Hunt, he and his team were in the midst of converting an unused, underground trolley station in DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood into an inhabitable venue for artistry and community engagement. They started a re-ball competition, which, according to their official site, was an “open design competition for a site-specific installation in the Dupont Underground.”

DuPont Underground got access to over 650,000 plastic balls from the National Building Museum’s “The Beach” exhibit, and wanted to re-purpose them for their first exhibit.

New York architecture studio Hou De Sousa won the competition, and will be opening a “Raise/Raze” exhibit this April. Hou De Sousa has converted the balls into 18,000 cubes. The cubes will be strewn throughout the Dupont Underground, creating several interactive spaces. Each space, with names such as “Grove,” “Shell Valley,” and Text, will apparently have its own particular theme.

The plan is for groups of 25 to 50 people at a time to travel through the spaces, manipulating the velcro-affixed cubes as they please. Assembly of the exhibit took over 3,000 hours, with numerous volunteers lending a hand to the cause.

The exhibit will be running until June 1st.

Alex Oka