Cypher Magazine Presents… Latasha Alcindor, Ras Nebyu, and Loaf Muzik at RAKit Club

e know we haven’t posted that much in recent months, but the good vibes and determination that sustain Cypher League to this day have not waned. In fact, they’ve only strengthened. You may not have seen it all yet, but we’ve been building. You simply need to look to Ralph Ellison, as we so often do, to understand:

“A hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.”

In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out the new experience that is Cypher Magazine. For now, we’re hard at work on our second print issue. More on that soon.

In the meantime, Cypher Magazine is curating a night of primo hip hop led by some of the supreme masters of ceremony rising out of the underground.

We’re returning to RAKit Club (338 Moffat St) this Saturday, December 5th–the same spot Cypher Magazine our launch party back in June. Sacha was kind enough to have us back to her beautiful loft (for those in attendance, please remember it is someone’s home). 

The Cypher League homies will be kicking the night off. A core component of our plan for the future is an endeavor dedicated entirely to the creation of music. Work has long since started. Way back since those Dojo days, in 2013, when I.O.D., Nicholas Hunt, Connor Donovan, and Gianni Amawo all first came together. Those four will be leading off with unreleased music, followed by headliners Latasha Alcindor, Ras Nebyu, and Loaf Muzik. Check out the flier below, and more info on the event after that. 

It’s been a great year for Loaf Muzik. The NYC-born hip hop band has traveled across the globe in recent months. Loaf was out in California opening for Vince Staples last week, and drummer Cornelio was on tour in Japan DJ’ing for Chelsea Reject in August. Loaf Muzik isn’t conventional in any way, and this is most evident in their live shows. I’ve seen Loaf MC Oso Dope stage dive, only to fall brutally but then bounce up and continue rocking. This was at none other than RAKit Club. It was raw. Last week, Loaf released a new tracked backed with production from Harry Fraud. 

Ras Nebyu is another jetsetting rapper. In August, Neb was in the Ivory Coast for three months, where he opened up for Nigerian superstar artist Wiz Kid. Stateside, anyone who’s been to a Ras Nebyu show in the District–from Trillectro to U Street to Howard Theater–knows he’s got the capital on his team. Neb’s music is a synergy of hip hop and reggae, and his rhythms and high energy make him a great live act.


Latasha Alcindor is a brilliant performer. Brooklyn-born & raised, Latasha studied performance art at Wesleyan University. Trust, she’s riveting. Touted by Mass Appeal and Noisey for recent videos “Talk My Shit” and “Black Magic”, Latasha has a forthcoming project, though she has yet to speak on it. As for her old music, she lifted “Pretend Janet” from her archives–there’s that super rare Dojo footage.

Alex Oka