[WATCH] Connor Donovan Hits A "Level Up" In New Video

On Connor Donovan’s latest single ”Level Up,” his lyricism is laced with word play that is fast paced yet lucid. Every word is clear and every word matters: “Clean as fuck with all this dirty money/When your life is ill it make your music catchy.” It’s a pleasant reprieve from the lyrically deficient sound that has pervaded rap in recent ears, but just as appealing.

The Pinkslip-crafted music video also strays from the dense, gaudy visuals splayed across the digital and television airwaves these days, opting for a simple approach to storytelling. The black and white music video is reminiscent of 90’s rap videos that centered on keeping the story line simple and easy to follow.

In “Level Up” the camera goes in out showing Connor as two people- a clean shaven, polo wearing, thief and a scruffy, bare chested rapper with his boys. The non-linear storytelling showcases Connor’s affable personality -- as versatile in his lyricism as he is in his performance. If “Level Up” is any indication of what the 22 year-old rapper/producer is cooking up on his upcoming Conn(is) project, then fans and new listeners alike should be excited.