Blessed to Premiere: Connor Donovan’s VHS Short “Floating”

This weekend’s “Snowmageddon” fiasco has been a major source of consternation to innumerable citizens throughout the eastern United States, and to the many outside of the region whose return flights have been delayed until the blizzard subsides. Compounded with the utter inability of December’s climate talks in Paris to reign in the anthropogenic havoc wreaked upon this once bountiful Earth and NASA’s recent report of 2015 being the hottest year on record, this blizzard would seem to many as emblematic of our planet’s rapidly ticking biological clock and suggest that the human race becoming those globular pod creatures spirited away from Earth in the Pixar film WALL-E might not be such a far-off idea.

However, as anyone who has seen the movie should have learned, the only hope of returning real human warmth and connectivity to an increasingly inhospitable and unfriendly global climate can be found in lighthearted VHS tapes. Yes, VHS tapes.

And that’s where long-time Cypher League affiliate and Dojo Records artist Connor Donovan comes into play with his absurdist, VHS-filmed music video for “Floating,” having long understood this basic, humanizing truism of American life—perhaps ever since he was born, as the time stamp on his video would indicate. So for all those out there stressing about the weather, just relax, and let the Cambridge, MA jokester float you out of your frigid headspace until the storm passes. We gon’ be alright!

Alex Oka