Blessed to Premiere: B L A N K’s “Shadow Self”

or several years now, the reclusive B L A N K has been a force behind the boards for a range of artists. Most recently, he contributed two tracks to Radamiz’s forthcoming Writeous, and produced several as-of-yet FifthGod cuts featuring names like Fashawn, Daytona, Ab-Soul, Tragedy Khadafi, ScienZe, and many others. Though normally more active behind the scenes, today B L A N K steps forward himself while debuting his new video “Shadow Self.”

The song displays his quiet and introspective personality. We hear B L A N K expounding on time, reality, and the weight placed upon his soul, as his voice spirals in and out of a beat made of fuzzy drums and cut-up keys. “Shadow Self”’s metaphysical tone is only furthered in its video, which displays a precise mix of gentle atmosphere and pointed skill.

B L A N K stands as a solitary figure throughout, our viewpoint set on him as he walks through an evergreen forest, stopping a few times just to skip rocks on the water and watch the ripples expand. Eventually, the camera speeds us across the water, and we see B L A N K walking across the urban Brooklyn Bridge, but still weighed down by the same thoughts. The plaintive video for “Shadow Self” is perhaps best encapsulated by its description “Just being myself. While finding myself.”

Watch the video for B L A N K’s “Shadow Self” below, and look out for more work coming soon from this developing artist.

Alex Oka