Asaad Has Released A (Dope) Track Every Day of 2016

rapper from Philadelphia—whose moniker happens to be the same as the Syrian despot’s—is setting the precedent for hard work this year. We’re in the 45th day of 2016 and Asaad has released 46 new tracks, with seemingly every intention to keep it going. I.O.D. got me hip today, and initiated me with today’s drop, the V-Day inspired “Local Lover Boy.” While Asaad’s music in recent years can be categorized as “trap,” he is a more avant-garde alternative to the mainstream trap of fellow Philadelphian Meek Mill. Asaad’s stylings are much more raw and authentic. And with these new releases, he evidences a further cultivation of his sound, laying his no-holds-barred rhymes over a range of production, from industry stalwarts to random Soundcloud instrumentals. Standout tracks include “Tired of Niggas Running,” produced by frequent TDE-collaborator Tae Beast, and “Til My Soul Run Wild,” an instrumental from Plu2o Nash, who made his name known for his fire work with Lucki Eck$. Some of these new releases sound hastily recorded, but it works to let it play it through from the most recently posted track.

Extreme displays of passion, like his insane rate of current releases, are routine in Asaad’s career. Since entering into hip-hop in 2009, he’s tirelessly released content and built a small but devoted following. In 2012, Asaad’s profile grew when he alleged that Pusha T’s “New God Flow” was a rip of his track, “God Flow,” which had dropped three months earlier. This accusation he made opening up for Pusha T, exclaiming during his set, “Fuck that nigga. We in my city.” He became known as the rapper who beefed with Pusha T and coupled a release with an illustration of Biggie and 2Pac having sex. This led him to go into a dark period of his life, and last year Asaad took a hiatus from hip-hop. He returned with new attitude, telling Noisey in an interview that he “took the negatives (even though my method may have been explosive) and tried to reincarnate myself. Self-destructing made me stronger. Like a Phoenix.”

Alex Oka