Akinyemi Debuts with 'Summers' EP


'Summers' is Akinyemi's debut EP. It's a short cohesive 7-track body of work. Only lasting 20 minutes, Akinyemi doesn't waste a word or a beat in this project. No skits, no interludes, just seven really strong records.

The cover art references every song on the project. 'Summers' is 7 songs, 7 letters, 7 scenes. 

The scenes are as follows:

left-mid = dust calling

right-side = fleece 

top-mid = winter 

top-left = onetime 

bottom-right = highway 

top-right = change

bottom-left =asylum 


More about 'Summers' from Akinyemi:

'Summers' got its name simply because I started it/recorded the first song to it, dust calling, last summer. Since summers is my favorite season, I wanted to make a collection of songs that you could bump every summer, whether it be road trips, beach days or small get-togethers. summers took about a year to make, with every song being a specific scene or experience that happened to me. "onetime",  being the most vulnerable story, sits right in the middle of the EP at track four showcases a story about my older brother who I lost contact with.
fleece/change were made during periods of brief depression, and are songs about self-reflection and guidance. 
asylum is the final song on the project and I made sure it was the last thing the listener leaves with, because it has the most powerful message. I wrote it right after the events of Mike Brown occurred, where all I would see on my Facebook newsfeed were gruesome, gory black victims being killed, in cold blood. It was a dark time for me, and DuqueNuquem shot me a beat that matched that mood perfectly. Insanely inspired by it, I wrote the whole song in thirty minutes. 
"dust calling" is the lead single of the record as well as the first song of the project because I feel it's an experience which many rappers/entertainers start their day with. doubt. Wondering if they're good enough to be welcomed into their respective "executive offices". For dancers, it could be Broadway, for actors, it could be specific actor guilds, but for musicians, it's the coveted "record label". I made this song so that folks  could feel relatable to the doubt they feel everyday in their respective fields. "door unopened, hopefully they let me in" doesn't only relate to musicians. It relates to that job interview, that opportunity that you're told NO, but you still strive for. It's for everyone.