Rothstein And Gabe Gill Make 'LEMONS' On New Collabs


Dojo artist Rothstein is always looking to push the boundaries with his sound, and his 2-song project with fellow Bostonian Gabe Gill is another example. The two tracks, “Lemons” and “I'll Be Here When You Get Home” are the product of an artistic kinship between Rothstein and Gill, a 20-year-old who Rothstein notes is a “prodigy” who's been the frontman for a couple bands in Boston, as well as Boston-based producers MASERATI BOVES and JESUS BUGATTI.

“Masi's production is towering and dark. J is the resident tinkerer, always offering up strange and excellent ideas,” Rothstein dishes over email. The two producers meshed with the talented vocalists to create pensive, synth-driven soundscapes ripe for the two vocalists to bear their hearts. Rothstein and Gills work well together because they both have two of the most important qualities needed for standout introspective music: a bare it all honesty and a poetic flourish to their lyricism.

“The key to your heart is on the tip of my tongue,” Gill rhymes on the idyllic “Lemons,“ an IG caption-ready nugget that encapsulates their recounting of not just conflicted relationships they've gone through, but the struggles they've had as young men that contextualize them. Rothstein leads off "I'll Be Here When You Get Home,” a decidedly darker number in which he recalls “every time I told you I'd be better off alone” that “assured that we were lost but we were never far from home.”

LEMONS is a great two-part exhibit of the, and won't be the last, as Rothstein promises “more from the four of us soon.” We'll be waiting. You can listen to the project below: