Ras Nebyu Chants Down Babylon on New Album, ‘Slizzatrism’

ith Washington, D.C.’s Ethiopian population second only to Addis Abba, Ras Nebyu is something of a hometown hero for the city he affectionally calls the “Capital of Hate.” Today, to mark his 25th birthday, Ras Nebyu dropped his latest project, Slizzatrism, placing the Rasta-rapper on a higher plateau, one that will surely earn him recognition far beyond the shores of the Potomac River.

Slizzatrism kicks off in classic Rastafarian style, with Nebyu denouncing Babylon, “I don’t got no love for no Babylon/why they always hating on Rastaman?” Contrasted with the rest of the project, “KING of KINGS” is more mellowed, though the conviction in which Nebyu delivers his bars remains consistent throughout. Following “KING of KINGS,” Slizzatrism is full of bass-heavy beats, the kind that’ll turn heads driving down Georgia Avenue with the windows down and the audio bumping.


Slizzatrism features entirely new tracks from the Uptown Ethiopian, with the exception of “GILBERT” and “NATURALE.” On “Gilbert” (named for the Point Guard who played 8 seasons for the Washington Bullets), Nebyu is joined by Lightshow, who came up recently to replace Fat Trel and then Shy Glizzy as D.C.’s trap-rapper-of-the-moment.

Other features on Slizzatrism include long-time Washington Slizzards collaborators Haile Supreme and The Arckitech, the latter of which produced the glorious Babylon’s Most Wanted banger “Lion Talk.” The project is DJ’d by K-Meta, another artist who has been working with Nebyu since his first performances at A.U.P. almost half a decade ago.

Ras Nebyu summarizes Slizzatrism best himself on “NATURALE,” singing on the hook, “So sweet, so sweet/the love you give me so sweet/so sweet, so sweet/the life we live so sweet.”

Stream Slizzatrism below, and make sure to watch Nebyu’s latest video, the Revolt TV premiered “No Love,” here.