I.O.D Debuts As TheTheThe Brownsvillain


Brownsville, New York is perhaps the most dangerous neighborhood in New York City. In 2009, it was ranked the 69th safest neighborhood out of 69 precincts and was once home to Murder Inc., notoriously responsible for over 1,000 contract killings. With the odds stacked against him, I.O.D began to make music at the age of 8 and has continued to push his envelope through to adulthood. His debut EP, TheTheThe Brownsvillain was written and recorded over the past 2 years. The project gives us a glimpse at a highly creative individual who is hustling everyday to better his trade and striving to rise above the temptations of the ‘Ville.

I once asked I.O.D what the initials stand for. He described it as more fluid: “I.O.D can stand for what you want it to, and I hope it means something different to each person.” That explanation speaks volumes to the diversity he exudes as an individual and can be distinctly heard on the wide breadth of tracks on this project.

The first song, “TheTheThe Brownsvillain,” takes us back to the late ‘90s with a classic sample encompassed by reminiscent bass kicks, lofty chimes, and crew vocals that sheds light on the life I.O.D has known. “Who Cares !?,” offers more of a protest and reflection on the current state of consumerism while delivering sharp poignant lyrics like, “I, over do it like in our dreams.” The tape rounds out at 8 tracks with the previously released, neo-Japanese influenced track, “Ebola.”

Starting in the 90s and taking you all the way through to a modern emerging rednition of hip-hop, TheTheTheBrownsvillian showcases friends like Levar, stories about family, and inspiration one can find in places that most view as desolate and forgotten.

“Brownsvillain. Someone born into being the enemy of society by condition you couldn’t control.”