Letter From The Editor: Still Here, Still Growing.


Been awhile, huh?

A lot has changed in the past six months or so for Cypher League.  New growth opportunities for Cypher League and Dojo Records. New editorial staff. Now, a new website.

But even as those things have changed, we've held fast to the essence.

I came along the Cypher League bandwagon in 2014, when it was already veering toward full speed. I hadn't attended any shows or even met  the squad in-person yet , but I knew that they ran dope shows all over Brooklyn and had set themselves apart from other hip-hop blogs with incisive, thoughtful content that covered the people, places and entities that were defining the New York arts scene.

It was much more than a “here's a new sensational post click and make us some money” blog. I was enamored by what was happening. Cypher League was and still is an all-encompassing arts collective, media company and cultural curator. All operated with an air of humility and focus on cultural cultivation that's wholly uncommon. It's an honor to have my work published on the page. I've gotten writing jobs because the people were seeking people from Cypher League. I've had editors of seemingly larger websites tell me how inspiring Cypher League was to them.

Years later, things have advanced for so many of us. I've become editor. I carry the responsibility of overseeing that same level of quality with every post we drop, to hopefully inspire more talented writers and keep inquisitive readers, viewers and listeners plugged into what we're doing.

Many of the artists who were in the old Dojo kickin' shit in ciphers are signed artists with critically-lauded projects and fans all over the country. The staff who brainstormed the potentiality of Cypher League as a Brooklyn institution and Dojo Records as a stable of immensely talented artists are realizing those goals and seeing the amazing manifestations of their hard work.

Throughout it all, we've kept the love the same. Kept the same core crew. From 2013 to now, look at the pictures of any event and you'll see the same faces. We're still here, and still fixated on giving back to the culture.

Our editorial mission has evolved to adapt with the ever-changing journalism industry, and the new site will reflect that. No matter what mediums we produce though, the journalistic intent will be the same. Culture is still yours to create.

We’ve been brainstorming exciting new video ideas and journalistic approaches, but we're still aiming provide thoughtful analysis, and engaging profiles of all the gifted people who are making moves in New York, Cambridge, DC and beyond.

On behalf of everyone on the team, thank you to everyone who's supported us thus far and still ridin' with the shield. Stick around, we've got some more shit in the bag.