connor donovan



I’m bridging the gap between love ballads and trap music
— Connor Donovan, 2016.

Connor Donovan is a rapper slash producer from Cambridge, Massachusetts with a VAST range of sound that will either make you cry or mosh.

Cypher League discovered 17 year-old “CD” in 2012 upon the release of his debut mixtape Colombian Raw. Since then Connor has released 4 different projects, however, none of them are currently accessible on the internet. In 2015 he released Nobody solidifying his ability to enter the realms of R&B and stray away from the traditional verse, hook, verse-type rap music. His ability to freestyle on tracks is profound considering his work with the pen. On top of songwriting, making beats and mixing his own vocals, Connor is also a visual artist and has edited multiple of his videos (a true D.I.Y kind of guy). Catch him smoking frontos and listening to Gucci Mane or Spooky Black mid studio session somewhere in Boston or Brooklyn.