On Friday, October 16th, Cypher League travelled to Middlebury College in Vermont to kick off the 2015 Culture is Yours to Create Tour.

The night was wavy, full of energy and good vibes. Nicholas Hunt lit the show up with “Vagabond“, and sang beautifully through the rest of his set. Nathaniel Mann came through with powerfully delivered lyrics that were deep and resonating. I.O.D. jumped on top of the speakers and ignited the crowd with “Ebola“. Closing the show was Connor Donovan, bringing I.O.D. back on to perform “Way Before” for the first time (a tune to drop alongside more new music from Connor Donovan and Nicholas Hunt). The man behind the scenes, producer and composer Gianni Amawo, DJ’d the whole night.

We were blessed that a great crowd came out and rocked with us.

Video re-cap by Stuart McAlpine @sketchy.stu

A special thank you to Tariq and Aaron for setting up the show, The Mill for hosting us, TurnUp Tea for providing free drinks all night, and WRMC Middlebury College Radio.

IMG_1546 IMG_1594 IMG_1613

Photos by Demid Lebedev @demidism

Next stop on the Culture is Yours to Create Tour is Wesleyan University.  Also be on the look out for new releases from Dojo Records’ Nicholas Hunt and Connor Donovan, both have collaboration projections with Gianni Amawo set to release over the next few months.

*About the Culture is Yours to Create Tour: Cypher League is traveling to universities across the East Coast to promote free-expression, good music and an empowering mindset. We draw on our experiences to show students how they can create something of their own not in spite of school, but because of and with the help of their education.